Quick Yo-Yo Maker (Extra Large)

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Make beautiful, hand-sewn fabric yo-yo's easily! 

How to use

  • Place the fabric between the plate & disk, then cut around the disk
  • Stitch, following the holes in the plate
  • Remove the plate & disk. Gather the thread
  • Finished size: approx 2 3/8" (60mm)

Suitable Materials

  • Soft fabric with draping properties (sheetings, broadcloths)
  • Strong hand sewing thread/quilting thread

Unsuitable Materials

  • Medium or coarse fabric (denim, felt, thick wool)
  • Threads that easily break with a strong pull (i.e. embroidery thread)
  • Machine-sewing thread

Available in 5 sizes: Extra Small (Art. No 8702)Small (Art. No 8700),  Large (Art. No 8701), Extra Large (Art. No 8703), & Jumbo (Art. No 8708)


  • Do not iron or expose this product to high temperatures. High temperature can cause this product to warp

Material: Polypropylene