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About Us

Clover's history dates all the way back to 1925 founded by Mr. Toshio Okada at the age of 26 and quality has always been at the forefront of our company's core.

Our name originated when Mr. Toshio Okada was 14 years old, on his way to an apprenticeship away from his parents, he sat down to eat his bento in the rice paddies to wait for the train. He was reminded of the words his schoolteacher had taught him: "If you ever have a hard time, look in the moral training book." He immediately opened the book, checked the passage, and clipped a leaf of grass growing lushly all over the rice paddy so that he could recognize the page. This leaf was the Clover leaf that saved him more than 20 years later, and that became the signpost of his life. In 1948 Clover officially became the brand. Clover began as a wholesale company of needles and handicraft accessories. Soon after, Clover became a manufacturing company, with the use of machinery designed to capture the vision of the engineers to create the wonderful tools we know and love today.

In 1983, Clover USA was established in Los Angeles. Clover USA was given the name-Clover Needlecraft Inc. selling Takumi Knitting Needles. Later, the US line grew to patchwork quilting tools and sewing notions. With the support of our parent company, Clover USA has become a substantial brand in the artisan world of North America.

We value the bonds we keep with our customers and to make the difference in the tools our customers use. We want to thank our customers who are fans of our products and our hope is that they make their friends fans of us too.

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