Wonder Clips® "Variety Pack"

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Wonder Clips are now available in a variety pack. Classic, Jumbo, and Mini are all in one convenient package. Each unique clip holds your work in place wherever you may need it.


  • 10pcs- Wonder Clips
  • 10pcs- Mini Wonder Clips
  • 6pcs- Jumbo Wonder Clips 

Wonder Clips also available in:

  • Red 10pcs (Art. No. 3155)
  • Red 50pcs (Art. No. 3156)
  • Red 100pcs (Art. No. 3159)
  • Neon Green 10pcs (Art. No. 3180)
  • Assortment 50pcs (Art. No. 3183)
  • Assortment 10pcs (Art. No. 3185)

Jumbo Wonder Clips 

  • Green 24pcs (Art. No. 3157)

Mini Wonder Clips 

  • Red & Blue 20pcs (Art. No. 3188)
  • Assorted 50pcs (Art. No. 3189)