Chaco Liner Refill (White)

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Refill for Chaco Liners. The Chaco Liner is a thin chalk marker with refillable chalk reservoir. The rotating serrated wheel at the pen point allows fine markings either with curved or straight templates or freehand.

Available in 4 colors:

  • Chaco Liner Refill (Blue) - Art. No 470/B 
  • Chaco Liner Refill (Pink) - Art. No 470/P 
  • Chaco Liner Refill (White) - Art. No 470/W 
  • Chaco Liner Refill (Yellow) - Art. No 470/Y 

Chaco Liners available in 4 colors:

  • Chaco Liner (Blue) - Art. No 469/B 
  • Chaco Liner (Pink) - Art. No 469/P 
  • Chaco Liner (White) - Art. No 469/W 
  • Chaco Liner (Yellow) - Art. No 469/Y 

Net weight: (1pc): about 2.8g (0.098oz)


  • Powder: Talc, Pigment