Mini Iron II: Hot Knife Blade Refill

SKU: 9107

This is an exclusive adapter tip that easily fits onto the Mini Iron II (Art. No 9100). The  Hot Knife Tip Blade is designed for the crafter working with material requiring a sharp cutting edge along with heat to seal the edges after cutting. The blade is exclusively designed for the Adapter Hot Knife Tip. 

5 pieces included per package. 

    Adaptable Tips Available: 

    • Iron Tip - Large (Art. No 9103)
    • Ball Tip (Art. No 9104)
    • Slim Line Tip (Art. No 9105)
    • Hot Knife Tip (Art. No 9106)
    • Hot Knife Tip Refill (Art. No 9107)

    Changing the Tip

    • When inserting the adapter tip, insert the tip gently until it stops
    • Tighten the screw securely where the screw meets the indentation on the tip

    Temperature Settings:

    •  Low: Approx. 200°F (94°C)
    • Middle: Approx. 350°F (178°C)
    •  High: Approx. 500°F (262°C)

    The temperatures in the list above were taken under static test conditions; therefore, the list should be used only as a guideline. 


    • Keep out of the reach of children. 
    • Be careful when handling the blade because it is extremely sharp. 
    • Ensure that the adapter tip has fully cooled down before replacing the blades. 
    •  Do not use the Adapter Hot Knife on a mat made of plastic or any equivalent material. Doing so may damage or melt mat. 
    •  If fabric melts on a hot knife, immediately remove it with another cloth or replace the adapter tip. 
    •  *Only for Mini Iron II. (Will not work for Mini Iron I)

    Material: Steel