I Sew for Fun Magnet Pin Caddy

SKU: 9602


  • Gathers and stores pins safely
  • Easy pick-up with pins stored in one direction
  • Cover for safekeeping


  • Do not hit this product as it can crack the case and magnet or cause other damage. Do not use if damaged
  • Do not use Magnet Pin Caddy near magnet sensitive equipment such as televisions, watches, computer monitors, mobile phones, magnetic cards. The Magnet Pin Caddy may damage these items
  • This product may not be able to hold large quantities of pins. Any pins made of stainless and nonferrous metal should not be gathered and stored. Please try them before use
  • Be careful when removing cover to prevent possible injury from pins inside
  • Cover may not close securely if too many pins are on the caddy


  • ABS Resin
  • Iron
  • Ferrute Magnet
  • Polipropylene