Magnet Pin Caddy (Bordeaux)

SKU: 4105

Center groove makes picking up pins from the caddy easy. Includes cover for safe and easy storage and allows for stacking caddy.


  • Do not hit this product as it can crack the case and magnet or cause other damage
  • Do not use if damaged
  • Do not use near magnet sensitive equipment such as televisions, watches, computer monitors, mobile phones, magnetic cards, etc.
  • This product may not be able to hold large quantities of pins. Any pins made of stainless and non-ferrous metal should not be gathered and stored. Please try before use
  • Be careful when removing the cover to prevent possible injury from pins inside
  • Cover may not close securely if too many pins are on the caddy


  • ABS Resin
  • Iron
  • Ferrite Magnet Polypropylene