Macrame Plant Hanger Gauge

SKU: 8630

Projects with unique designs can be created combining different types of macramé knots.


  • Using this gauge, knots can be spaced evenly resulting in a beautiful finish
  • With 1 in. (approximately 2.5 cm) increments, the gauge can be used to measure from 1 to 10 inches (approximately 2.5 to 25 cm)
  • Package includes a Wonder Clip to make holding the gauge in place easier

How to Use

  1. Place the gauge where you want to create a space between knots (placing the fller cords in front and working cords behind)
  2. Clip cords to gauge and start making knots from the bottom edge of the gauge
  3. After 2 or 3 knots, remove gauge and clip


  • Gauge: PET
  • Clip: Polycarbonate, Steel