Hair Pin Lace Tool

SKU: 3104

Create a beautiful continuous braid by using a single crochet technique with our Hair Pin Lace Tool. Hair Pin Lace is a traditional interwoven braid that can be made by using "single crochet technique"

Make a braid width

  • 1-3" (2-8cm)
  • You can set every 3/8" (10mm) between 1-3" (2-8cm)


  1. Crochet with a single crochet technique
  2. After length of braid has been made, insert the clip on top of the pins
  3. Remove botton clip and braid down
  4. Insert the top clip leaving some of the braids on the pins.
  5. Remove top clip to continue crocheting


  • Clip: ABS Resin
  • Clip spring: Polyacetal
  • Pin: Aluminum