Fusible Web 10mm (3/4" x 40')

SKU: 4032

Useful for making bias tape strips for Celtic/stained-glass quilt and appliqué.


  • You can make heat sensitive adhesive tape easily by positioning Fusible Web in Fusible Bias Tape Maker
  • It is also useful for making appliqué or pieces for sewing (such as fasteners)
  • You can make quick bias tape backed with heat sensitive adhesive
  • Amount of adhesive is suitable for such works as Celtic quilting that needs repeated pressing
  • Size: 3/8in x 40 ft (10mm x 12m)  

Use 10mm Fusible Web with:

  • Art No. 4013 Fusible Bias Tape Maker 1/2"
  • Art No. 4014 Fusible Bias Tape Maker 3/4"
  • Art No. 4015 Fusible Bias Tape Maker 1"


  • Resin Adhesive: Hydrocarbon Polymers
  • Release Paper: Paper

Available in two sizes:

  • Art No. 4031 Fusible Web 5mm (1/4" by 40ft)
  • Art. No 4032 Fusible Web 10mm (3/4" by 40ft)