Bias Taper Maker (2")

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Create your own bias tape in minutes. 


  1. Cut the fabric into strips [diagonally (45° angle) for hem finishing, vertical or horizontal for tape cloth handicraft]
  2. Insert the fabric through the Tape Maker
  3. Pin the fabric edges then iron the folded tape as you pull the Tape Maker

Available in 5 sizes:

  • Bias Tape Maker (1/4in., 6mm) - Art. No. 464/06 
  • Bias Tape Maker (1/2in., 12mm) - Art. No. 464/12 
  • Bias Tape Maker (3/4in., 18mm) - Art. No. 464/18 
  • Bias Tape Maker (1in., 25mm) -Art. No. 464/25 
  • Bias Tape Maker (2in., 50mm) - Art. No. 464/50 


  • Polymethyl pentane
  • Iron