Flower Head Pins (Fine)

SKU: 2510

Flower Head Pins are good for general pinning.  Especially useful for pinning lace, eyelets, loosely woven embellishments. These pins hold together many layers of fabric. The flat head is convenient for machine stitching. The fine can be used for thin fabrics such as silk, silk crepe, satin and lining fabric. 

20 pins/card

Size: 0.45 x 50 mm

Available in three sizes:

  • Flower Head Pins - Art No. 2505 
  • Flower Head Pins (Fine) - Art No. 2510 
  • Flower Head Pins (Boxed) - Art No. 2506 


    • Head is not heat-resistant. Do not apply iron directly


    • Needle: Steel
    • Head: ABS Resin