Takumi Combo Set

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Combo includes 5 cords and 12 tip sizes creating 60 possible combinations of circular knitting needles. All sizes you need to create a wealth of knitting masterpieces.

  • The perfectly shaped tapered tip and silky finish of the needle surface make knitting smooth and simple
  • Precision finish of the join connection between needle and cord ensure a smooth slide for each stitch


  • 12 tip sizes: No. 3 (3.25mm)-15 (10.0mm)
  • 5 cord lengths: 16" (41cm), 24" (61cm), 29" (74cm), 36" (91cm) & 48" (120cm)

*Individual components are available (Art. No 3633 -3649)


  • Needle: Bamboo
  • Cord: Nylon
  • Joint: Stainless Steel
  • Storage Case: Synthetic Leather
  • Elastic Band: Polyurethane, Nylon
  • Cord Case: Olefin Resin