Adapter Ball Tip

SKU: 9104

This is an exclusive adapter tip that easily fits onto the Mini Iron II (Art. No 9100). The Ball Iron Tip was especially designed for doll making and general crafting. 

    Adaptable Tips Available: 

    • Iron Tip - Large (Art. No 9103)
    • Ball Tip (Art. No 9104)
    • Slim Line Tip (Art. No 9105)
    • Hot Knife Tip (Art. No 9106)
    • Hot Knife Tip Refill (Art. No 9107)

    Changing the Tip

    • When inserting the adapter tip, insert the tip gently until it stops
    • Tighten the screw securely where the screw meets the indentation on the tip


    •  Keep out of the reach of children. 
    •  The Mini Iron II reaches high temperatures. 
    • Turn off the Mini Iron's power switch before replacing the tip. 
    •  The heater may become damaged if the power is left on without the adapter tip attached. 
    •   *Only for Mini Iron II. (Will not work for Mini Iron I)

    Material: Brass